The geographic context of the activities of the Telč Jesuits will be captured in an interactive map.

A visualisation of the activities of Telč Jesuits in the province of Bohemia should, first and foremost, show the impact of the Telč house on Telč and its surroundings. The visualisation will include several maps of various scales and types. The first map will focus on activities given by the specific mission of the Telč order house as the place where the education provided by the Order was to be completed.

The basic elements of this final stage of the the formation (training) of jesuits, known as the Third Probation, include great spiritual exercises and experimenta, which consisted of participating in the spiritual service and, most importantly, of conducting what are known as internal missions aimed at the spiritual regeneration of the Catholic population through preaching, combating superstitious and magical practices and hearing confessions. It is therefore essential to identify and describe the directions in which and the destinations where these missions were conducted by the fathers residing in the Probation House. The other maps will provide information on both the preserved and lost traces of the Jesuit Order in and around Telč (small sacral buildings, places of miracles, sites of memory) and will display Jesuit mobility within the context of their activities in Telč.